Today: Friday April 18, 2014

Mullaitivu District

Extent: 2,617 Sqkm

Number of DS Divisions: 5

Grama Niladhari Divisions: 127

Number of Villages: 620

Population: 112,056

Number of families: 28,473

Mullaitivu District Coordinating Committee meeting chaired by the Hon. Minister

Rs. 1,783.85 Mn. has been invested on projects in the Mullaitivu District.

Economic and Infrastructure Facilities Development

Roads and Bridges

A sum of Rs. 102.83 Mn. was allocated to rehabilitate 73.39km of roads and 25.39km has been completed.

Water Supply

Rs. 90 Mn. has been allocated for the construction of three water supply schemes to improve the drinking water facilities to Oddusudan, Thunukkai and Manthai and work of Rs. 59 Mn. has been completed.


21 small tanks have been rehabilitated at a cost of Rs. 2.07 Mn.  Another 23 small tanks will be reconstructed at Rs. 38.20 Mn. and Rs. 60 Mn. was allocated for the rehabilitation of Thenniyan Kulam tank and 35% of work has been completed so far.


A sum of Rs. 3.52 Mn. was allocated to develop pulses and yam cultivation and 1,750 farmers will benefit with these projects. A sum of Rs. 11.72 Mn. was allocated to reconstruct nine agri buildings. In addition, Rs. 14.5 Mn. was allocated to build eight fertilizer and two food and paddy storing houses.

A sum of Rs. 3.54 Mn. was allocated to promote livestock and two veterinary office buildings will be reconstructed with an investment of Rs. 4 Mn.

Cooperative Development

Nine MPCS buildings will be reconstructed with Rs. 34.66 Mn. and Rs. 6.27 Mn. has been spent on the work so far.

Religious Institutions

A sum of Rs. 4 Mn. was allocated to build six religious buildings in Thunnukai and Manthai DS Divisions.

Skills Development

Rs. 9  Mn. has been invested for skills development.  Already 118 persons have been trained at a cost of Rs. 7.82 Mn.  Another 50 persons are to be trained.


In Mullaitivu District 218 villages will be demined while mine clearing in 96 villages has completed. Demining is in progress in another 110 villages. Mines are to be cleared in 12 more villages.


A total of 19,259 families in all five DS Divisions have been resettled. They were provided 51,232 cement bags, 116,600 roofing sheets and 14,560 parcels containing dry food items. Another 12,811 families are to be resettled. A sum of  Rs. 265.38 Mn. has been reserved for 9,147 resettled families in 85 GN Divisions.


Construction of 1,808 houses is underway.  With Indian assistance 12,500 houses will be reconstructed and 613 houses have been completed.


A sum of Rs. 13.44 Mn. was allocated to construct buildings for 14 schools and improve facilities.

Development of Common Amenities
A sum of Rs. 25.72 Mn. was allocated to set up seven public buildings and four Post Offices will be built at a cost of Rs. 16.04 Mn. Three bus stands will be set up at a cost of Rs. 9.76 Mn.