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Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management


The Tourism industry in Sri Lanka is expected to receive 2.5 million tourists by the year 2016. A tourist influx of this magnitude would demand an estimated workforce around 600,000 personnel serving in the industry. A definite dearth of manpower is evident as the prevailing mechanism generates only 1500 trained personnel annually.

The SLITHM as the national tourism training institute of the country, with the vision of benchmarking the Hospitality and Tourism training in Asia is enthusiastic in bridging the gap by offering a market oriented, quality proven range of hotel and tourism training products to a wider target segment.

SLITHM Colombo is housed at a purpose built hotel school with 12 standard rooms and a suite. Public Restaurant and Bar are added features of the training hotel named ‘Hotel Samudra’ at 78, Galle Road Colombo 03. This is the same premises where the former hostel ‘Saffton’ was situated.

The Thahir Auditorium at SLITHM Colombo offers facilities for Conferences and Business Meeting in the City. The Auditorium offers theatre style, tiered seating for up to 250 participants in air conditioned comfort, large stage, excellent acoustics, Audio visual equipment.

Provincial Colleges were set up in Kandy, Anuradhapura, Koggala, Bandarawela and Rathnapura in order to take Tourism training to the provincial level.

SLITHM Colombo is equipped with two modern state-of-the-art practical kitchens. Two training restaurants with modern equipment and a Public restaurant with an operating bar are available for practical sessions.

Students have access to computer lab in order to enhance their IT knowledge & skills. SLITHM also possesses the tourism library in Sri Lanka.


Our Vision:

“To be the Center for Excellence in Training and Education for Human Resource Development of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Asia”


Our Mission:

—  To identify, design and deliver training and education programmes in travel, tourism and hospitality management to produce high quality tourism professionals for the industry

—  To train the required manpower to meet the demand of the tourism and hospitality industry by addressing changing industry trends.

—  To deliver tourism and hospitality education and training on par with national and international standards while promoting Sri Lankan hospitality and its values to global heights

—  To provide equal opportunities and create an equitable working environment for all youth living in different parts of the country while ensuring sustainable growth in the tourism and hospitality industry.

—  To expand the capacity of delivering tourism and hospitality education by creating partnerships with local and international education entities in a mutually beneficial manner.

—  To demonstrate excellence through research in tourism and hospitality.


Our Targets: 

To train around 600,000 Sri Lankan to meet the required manpower for travel, tourism and hospitality industry by 2016

To prepare well-rounded, high quality graduates for employment in hospitality, tourism and hotel management nationally and internationally.

To develop programmes and related courses focusing on hotel operational skills, management practices in the tourism and hospitality industry and the skills needed for continued learning in a changing global business environment.

To develop new tourism education programmes by addressing the human resource requirement of the local and global tourism industry.

To produce dedicated professionals with qualifications which are highly recognized and regarded nationally and internationally.

To provide students an educational experience that is distinctive and develops and encourages excellence in life-long learning.

To obtain the World Tourism Organization Standard (Ted. Qual.) within the next three years.

To achieve wider expansion and presence through strategic alliances, franchising and accreditation within a local and international partner network within two years.

To develop a dedicated human resource development unit in order to facilitate career development and capacity building for staff within one year.

To elevate the present tourism education programmes of SLITHM to meet global standards through curriculum development and periodic revision of training methodology.

To address the national tourism education policy demands outlined in the National Tourism Act of 2005 through developing standards and a monitoring framework for all tourism education facilities in Sri Lanka within next three years.

Our Theme:

“Taking Sri Lanka to Global Heights – A Journey Towards Excellence in Sri Lankan Hospitality”


 Our Values: 

Quality -We provide first class training and education programmes delivering premium value to our students.

Equity - We ensure equal opportunities for every student, regardless of race, religion, gender, or economic status to meet the required standards for the highest achievement and growth.

Integrity -We strive to uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and discipline to meet the training requirements of tourism and hospitality services

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